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October 16, 2016

Attachment and EFT: A New Take on Addiction Treatment

Originally written for The EFT Community News, 31st Issue Fall 2016 One day a woman walked into my office and said “I think my husband has a gambling problem.” She seemed timid and exhausted. However, when she spoke she revealed an inner strength, a desire to protect her family and her sanity. She embodied familiar traits of a partner reaching out for help when the other partner seems lost to the compelling grip of a gambling addiction: • Lost and alone, looking for answers and a plan. • Burdened with thoughts of helping her family through the darkness of impending […]
June 9, 2014

Gamblers’ spouses take a loss

Originally written for, June 9, 2014 Although gambling addiction affects 2 million Americans a year, it often remains unrecognized and overshadowed by other addictions, disorders and social issues. About 3 to 7% of our population can be classified as problem gamblers, and 1 to 3% meet criteria for gambling addiction. The lack of awareness of the disorder makes it difficult enough to identify problem gamblers and connect them to treatment, much less address the impact problem gambling has on loved ones. Spouses in particular experience depression, trauma, anxiety and the extreme stress associated with maintaining family stability. The effects of […]