Counseling For Your Mental Well Being

Youth Counseling Therapy

Triangle Resolutions can assist with behavioral modification treatment for problematic behavior with your child or adolescent. Often times youth aggression is suggestive of underlying depression, anxiety, and grief. Mental Health Counseling, Consulting, and Assessment seeks to treat both youth problematic behavior and underlying emotional problems.

Youth Treatment

At Triangle Resolutions, parents are given resources for specific youth behaviors. Youth with specific diagnosis such as ADHD can be difficult for parents and teachers. However these children have special talents of which when guided can result in significant improvement with behavior and self esteem. Specialized Youth Counseling, Emotional Tool Development, and Behavioral Modification is available for the following:

● Conduct
● Oppositional Defiance
● Attachment to Caregiver Difficulties
● Aspergers
● Anxiety
● Depression
● Family Conflict
● Grief
● Strange behavior

Consultation, Education, and Planning Services

Helping your child obtain their emotional, social, and developmental needs throughout different environments can be challenging. Having a clinician experienced within numerous educational and mental health settings may help you navigate the South Shore area or build an emotional support/behavior plan to be integrated throughout both school and home settings.

● Consultation with School IAP and 504 planning
● Comprehensive Behavior Plan Development
● Psychoeducation and Treatment Planning

Assessment and Testing

Treatment may require additional assessment. At Triangle Resolutions your baby, toddler, child, adolescent or teenager can be assessed and tested for:
  • Focus and hyperactivity including ADHD and ADD
  • Autistic Spectrum
  • Emotional functioning/regulation
  • Age appropriate levels of competency
  • Drug, alcohol, and gambling problems
  • Behavior problems at home, school, and community including conduct, defiance, and disrespect
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