Counseling For Your Mental Well Being

We are here to guide you to a healthy life — mind, body, and soul.

Triangle Resolutions, LLC provides licensed and Board Certified mental health counseling, education, resource development, and assessment in the Tampa Bay area.

The mission of Triangle Resolutions, LLC is to provide high quality mental health counseling treatment that involves spirit, mind and body healing. Through Triangle Resolutions, you will have access to clinicians, certified and trained in wide ranging treatment options such as Clinical Hypnosis, Rapid Resolution Therapy™, Rapid Trauma Resolution™ & Clinical Brainspotting™. Specializations include relationship counseling, adult psychotherapy, family conflict and blending complications, gambling problems, trauma, anxiety, youth emotional and behavior problems, autism, ADHD/ADD, and parenting support.

Low Cost Therapy

Triangle Resolutions has a commitment to bring healing opportunities to all those in need and offers low cost and no cost therapy to those without insurance coverage or financial means to pay for services.

Patient Success

Patient success is based on numerous factors. More information is available here if you are considering Mental Health Counseling.

Our Treatment Approach

Our primary treatment approach is solution focused that is brief (shorter number of visits) with physiological (mind/body connection) counseling sessions that seek to bring about significant healing within shorter periods of time. While these approaches do not work for everyone, many patients struggling with anger, anxiety, depression, disruptive behavior, focus, guilt, grief, self esteem, relationship dissatisfaction, trauma, substance and gambling problems have obtained relief and positive change.

Emotional and behavior therapy is also provided for adolescents and children via design of emotional tool development, behavioral plans, parenting empowerment through specialized treatment for: ADHD/ADD, aggression, adjustment to family changes, conduct, trauma, and anger management. (See Youth tab for more info)

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