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What is Parent Coordination?

Parent Coordination provides the support of experienced, trained professionals during high conflict disputes between parents – allowing for resolutions that are child focused and aligned with a successful parenting plan.

Our mental health professionals have received specialized instruction in the mediation process and have received training on the legal parameters involved for parents navigating divorce. This allows them to best educate parents and facilitate a process that will protect and sustain safe, healthy and meaningful parent-child relationships.

What qualifications have the Parent Coordinators at Triangle Resolutions met?

A parenting coordinator is an impartial third person whose role is to assist the parents in successfully creating or implementing a parenting plan. Unless there is a written agreement between the parties, the court may appoint only a qualified parenting coordinator. To be qualified, a parenting coordinator must:

  1. Meet one of the following professional requirements:
    • Be licensed as a mental health professional under chapter 490 or chapter 491.
    • Be licensed as a physician under chapter 458, with certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
    • Be certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a family law mediator, with at least a master’s degree in a mental health field.
    • Be a member in good standing of The Florida Bar.
  2. Complete all of the following:
    • Three years of postlicensure or postcertification practice.
    • A family mediation training program certified by the Florida Supreme Court.
    • A minimum of 24 hours of parenting coordination training in parenting coordination concepts and ethics, family systems theory and application, family dynamics in separation and divorce, child and adolescent development, the parenting coordination process, parenting coordination techniques, and Florida family law and procedure, and a minimum of 4 hours of training in domestic violence and child abuse which is related to parenting coordination.
  3. A qualified parenting coordinator must be in good standing, or in clear and active status, with his or her respective licensing authority, certification board, or both, as applicable.

Who, what, why, how

Parenting Coordinators: WHY?
Because parenting coordination helps high conflict families resolve their disputes outside of court and reduces the excessive use and cost of litigation…

Because parenting coordination serves as an alternative dispute resolution method where high conflict cases with child related issues are not suitable for mediation or mediation was unsuccessful…

Because parenting coordination helps families through conflict, resulting in a more intact family unit, even if separated. Parenting coordination reduces the harmful effects of conflict, which jeopardizes the well being of children.

Parenting Coordinators: WHO?
A parenting coordinator is a qualified professional pursuant to Fla. Stat. §61.125, who must have completed specific training, and meet national training standard guidelines. A parenting coordinator must have experience in the following disciplines: family systems theory, developmental psychology, high conflict divorce resolution techniques including mediation, children adjustment issues specific to divorce including parental alienation, domestic abuse, and knowledge of the legal facets of divorce.
Parenting Coordinators: WHEN?
The court may appoint a parenting coordinator to a family case to assist high conflict parents with compliance with court orders concerning shared parenting. The court may appoint a parenting coordinator when:
  1. The parties have failed to adequately implement their shared parenting plan in relation to the child; or
  2. Mediation has not been successful or has been determined by the court to be inappropriate; or
  3. The court finds that appointment of a parenting coordinator is necessary to protect the child from harm caused by the parents’ failure to implement the shared parenting plan; or
  4. The court finds that there is a need for a parenting coordinator to protect and sustain safe, healthy, and meaningful parent-child relationships; or
  5. The court has entered a temporary or final order setting out the nature and extent of the contact between the child and each parent.
Parenting Coordinators: HOW?
The parties may agree upon a parenting coordinator who meets the qualifications or someone who, in the opinion of the parties and upon approval by the court, is otherwise qualified by training or expertise to serve as parenting coordinator for the case.

Triangle Resolutions is committed to supporting families and helping them successfully navigate the challenges of parenting through divorce. We have a qualified Parenting Coordinator on staff and can provide the expertise necessary to protect and sustain safe, healthy and meaningful parent-child relationships.

Fees: Parenting Coordination is provided through a retainer fee and each party will pay a portion as determined by the court.

Is the Parenting Coordination Process for Me?

Parenting coordination is appropriate for high conflict cases dealing with child related issues, such as when:
  • Mediation has not been successful or has been determined by the judge to be inappropriate;
  • A child is denied emotional and/or physical access to a parent or has severely limited parental/guardian contact;
  • There are restrictions on a child’s access to extended family members;
  • There is interference or refusal of access to information about a child’s health, education and welfare;
  • The parents/guardians are unable to agree on substantive issues concerning the child;
  • There is a high rate of re-litigation especially concerning non-legal issues;
  • There has been frequent change in lawyers for the parties.
Parenting coordination is NOT for cases in which it has been determined that the process may compromise the safety of any party, the minor child, or the parenting coordinator.

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