Counseling For Your Mental Well Being

When Do I Need to Contact a Mental Health Professional?

Life experiences too often include those that are uncomfortable and a challenge to manage. Many find adequate assistance through internal strength and/or their external support system. It is normal to experience temporary anxiety, fear, anger, increase in heart rate, muscle tension, sweating, nausea, changes in appetite, and sleep disturbance. While uncomfortable, these are signs that you are successfully mobilizing yourselves to master the current situation (Caplan 1999).

Counseling can be helpful to “tune up” or maximize one’s internal performance. It is not unusual to feel “stuck” or unable to move forward when confronted with an emotional event. Temporary discomfort is normal; however a professional such as a Mental Health Counselor can assist when troubling reactions continue to interfere with one’s daily functioning. Reducing unconscious blocks can free up trapped emotional energy to be automatically applied throughout daily activities. The consideration of a knowledgeable professional is a step towards making sense of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a way that is more valuable to the individual. - Caplan, G., & Caplan, R.B. (1999). Mental health consultation and collaboration. Long Grove, Illinois: Waveland Press.

I Have Tried Counseling Before

If you have seen a therapist before, did not reach your goals and/or did not continue, consider the following. Healing is most likely to occur when the following is present: good rapport with counselor:

● a high expectancy for treatment
● a high skill level of clinician, and
● a high motivation for healing

Patients self actualize or reach their goals on an individual basis. If any of the above areas of success were not present or strong, you may be able to still reach your goals by finding a time and clinician to best maximize all 4.

Am I…

  • feeling overly responsible?
  • easily angered?
  • frequently nervous?
  • easily distracted or having difficulty completing tasks?
  • not performing up to expectation of self or others?
  • feeling bad about myself?
  • not able to relax?
  • having a hard time forgiving self or others?
  • having difficulty communicating with a loved one?
  • having a hard time breaking a cycle?
  • feeling a sense of impending doom?
If “yes” Triangle Resolutions can help.

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