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Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Triangle Resolutions provides specialized couple’s therapy and assessments to identify strengths and areas for needed improvement in relationships. Our therapists are highly trained in the Gottman Method and have been trained by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. They have also received advanced training with Dr. Sue Johnson developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) including Emotional Focused Couple Therapy with Trauma Survivors. Triangle Resolutions provides couples therapy that is highly specialized in abandonment, addiction, betrayals, and PTSD with trauma survivors.

Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

EFT is a highly specialized and emotionally structured approach to couple therapy originally formulated in the 1980's by Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg. This empirically validated approach utilizes the science of intimate relationships, relationship distress, and relationship satisfaction. EFT offers a systematic set of strategies and interventions that facilitate an increase in secure bonds between partners and reorganize conflict patterns. Many couples who experience betrayal, trauma as a first responder, or events that trigger past abuse find the EFT approach for trauma an effective resource. Research indicates that 70 -75% of couples move from distress to recovery and approximately 90% show significant improvements.


● To expand and reorganize key emotional responses and patterns
● Improve couples ability to safely discuss emotionally charged conversations
● Foster and develop a new and secure bond between partners


● Stage 1 Assessment and Cycle De-escalation
● Stage 2 Restructuring the Bond
● Stage 3 Integration

Gottman Therapy

Many couples have made repairs after identifying areas of discontent in communication, betrayal, and conflict management. With Gottman’s research-based intervention, Triangle Resolutions can assess core issues in your relationship to help you and your partner identify patterns in the relationship that lead to contempt, defensiveness, criticism, divorce and separation. After assessment, couples can opt for interventions to repair, rebuild and create a more lasting and loving relationship despite differences and stresses in their families and their personal lives.
*Couples who have experienced PTSD or other relationship injury commonly require additional treatment sessions.

Assessment Areas include:

  • Couple therapy
  • Emotional Connection
  • Stress Management
  • Romance
  • Intimacy/Attraction
  • Crisis/Loss
  • Parenting
  • Family and Extended Family Interaction
  • Betrayal
  • Conflict Management
  • Personal and Couple Goals and Values
  • Violence/Abuse patterns
  • Household Workload
  • Financial Management
  • Addiction
  • Power and Influence
  • Spirituality
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