Parenting Through COVID-19
May 21, 2020
Parenting Through COVID-19
May 21, 2020

We know the current situation with COVID-19 has made challenging situations even more difficult. Our top priority is to continue to meet your mental wellness needs. We are practicing social distancing recommendations and enacting best practices that will allow us to serve you while keeping everyone’s health and safety a priority. 


If you have an appointment via telehealth, the following links provide access to your clinician at your scheduled session time: 

Damon Dye 
Lisa McKenna 
Amanda May 
Lauren Renne 


The office remains available by phone for scheduling and administration needs 813.413.7575

Troubleshooting – Appointment scheduling

Adjustments to procedures based on COVID protocols can lead to busier phone lines as our staff work to accommodate longer insurance verification calls and to answer additional client questions. We appreciate your patience and ask that you:
 • Leave a message with your contact information if you reach our voice mail
 • Rest assured that our staff will return your call as soon as possible within the same business day if at all possible
 • If your message is received late in the day it will be prioritized for a response first thing the next business day

Troubleshooting – Telehealth and technology

Triangle Resolutions is committed to client safety and security and as we navigate the new realm of telehealth our focus is on your privacy and quality of care.

We have taken several steps to strengthen our internet services and upgrade our platforms to accommodate these priorities but occasionally we still experience interruptions while conducting telehealth appointments.

As we continue to troubleshoot on our end there are also tips we can offer to help you avoid disruptions:
 • whenever possible plan to participate in your appointment on a secure wi-fi network 
• seek out an area with strong coverage – this might mean being physically closer to the router or reducing walls/barriers 
 • if your connection is lost please log out of your session and back in 
 • if you are unable to reconnect, call the office so that your appointment can be rescheduled at your earliest convenience and adjustments can be made to your account if necessary
 • we know these types of issues can leave both you and your therapist frustrated as it affects the flow of the appointment, the connection level you feel with your provider, and the high level of quality that our practice strives for – as we prepare to return to in-person appointments please share your feedback on how we can improve your experience under current conditions and we will do our best to do so
 • our clinicians have specifically noticed that telehealth creates challenges in the client/therapist relationship because cues that are present in-person are easily missed on-line. We strongly encourage clients to share if they feel their provider missed key information, misunderstood your communication or did not relate to your concerns during your appointment. You can call the office to request a follow up or send an email to to give us the opportunity to resolve the issue and adjust strategy for future appointments.

Plans for return to in-person appointments

While we are very grateful that technology and insurance policies have allowed us to continue to provide for our clients’ well-being – especially during the pandemic – we are also acutely aware that returning to in-office appointments is critical for optimal outcomes. Our staff, our families, our community have suffered traumas this past year that have compounded the challenges to our mental health and our primary goal is to return to direct care as soon as possible and to support everyone’s recovery.

We are working to assess CDC guidance, establish protocols, and ensure the safety of the office space to provide the highest levels of safety for our staff and clients. Please check back here for updates on an announced return to in-office appointments – tentatively scheduled for Late Summer 2021.